Nappies – Branded Versus Supermarket

Ask any mother (or father) what brand of nappy she/he uses and they will invariably tell you pampers, nappies in parent land are rather like charity shops if you have ever been inside one then its a bit hush hush, one doesn’t confess to buying that designer jumper or sleek evening dress from the British heart foundation because it costs much less than it would have when purchased by the previous owner, besides its not something you want to mention when someone is gushing over the ‘unique design’ or quality fabric of your garment… There is something equally taboo about confessing that your baby does economy, particularly (although not exclusively) when it comes to nappies. 

In fact I have to confess to having been bitten by the same ‘nappy shame’ when a Pediatrician at the hospital where my daughter was born asked what brand of nappies I would be using (to check she was getting enough fluids) upon leaving the hospital as ‘pampers’ have a wet nappy indicator. I told her a tad shamefully that I had bought boots own brand before quickly adding that this was merely a temporary measure and that I would stock up on ‘pampers’ when we went home, I did stock up on pampers but more because I was led to believe that these nappies were the best for keeping my baby dry, as opposed to feeling fearful of any social stigma…. they were as I was both pre and post baby led to believe the   creme de la creme of nappies…..

I would be lying however if I did not confess to feeling some satisfaction when I attended the baby weigh in clinic or hospital appointments and I stripped off  my baby and she was wearing ‘the logo’……. proper nappies, instead of unbranded supermarket nappies which are clearly inferior…….. OR ARE THEY?

you see here’s the thing I have since discovered that pampers are not the be all and end all of nappy heaven….. they are not wee or poo proof especially when bowl movements are frequent and of a particular texture….. say no more…… I have tried several own brand nappies to date and I have a clear favourite……. Morrisons…… They are snug absorbent and do exactly what they say on the packaging and lets be clear the packaging really is a no frills packaging, there is no bouncing baby tumbling through the air to mothers outstretched arms, in fact the logo is just a green teddy – a few rudimentary details e.g size, purpose and appropriate disposal…. Yet so far there have been no leakages which really is testimony to the effectiveness of these nappies particularly since my baby’s nappies are potent to say the least….. They are a fantastic price and are great for overnight wear but Sssh  don’t tell anyone…..

P.s Does anyone have any recommendations and or similar experiences with nappies?


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