Being Ambidextrous

When I want my milk I want my milk….. This really is ‘non-negotiable’ because I kind of hold my mum to ransom on this one – it is milk right now and ready to serve or I will cry, kick and scream until you drop what you are doing and give it to me.  I am on the ‘combo diet’ it’s not Atkins, 2.1 or 5.1 (or whatever that fad fast diet thing is called), the bikini beach diet, or low GI its ‘COMBO’…. that is combination feeds….. generally one or two bottles a day quenches my thirst and hits the spot where it’s needed, which is right in the centre of my tummy.

The rest of the time it’s BF (Breastfeeding) and my mum generally sees to it that she is close by in case the urge overcomes me and I need to feed, now since I have not yet been weaned my appetite is still ‘big’ and I like to drink…… ‘a lot’, this has led to my mother developing a rather enviable skill.

She has learned to use her left hand (she is in fact right-handed) whilst simultaneously holding me with her right, obviously this changes according to what milk churn….. I mean breast….I have emptied first, but feeding throughout the day I strangely always seem to end up feeding on her right side just when she needs to do something important, like eat her dinner drink her tea/coffee, make a phone call. I don’t plan this it is just the way it happens, I think when I am older she may well thank me for helping her fine tune the art of being ambidextrous although she still needs to hone her left hand writing because it is kind of spidery and difficult to read even when she puts her glasses on.


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