Mines a Ferrari whats yours? Pram/stroller upgrades

I think prams/strollers are rather like cars, income and status is often denoted by the frame/body work. Driving a Ferrari or Mercedes puts you in the big league people stop and admire the exterior irrespective of the passenger or driver. It is the same with prams and strollers. It is not so important who is riding inside even if the baby is super cute, all babies are cute aren’t they?  what is important is the year, make and model.

My current pram is neither state of the art Hi tech nor end of the line wholesale, it is smart practical and gets my daughter from A to B. We live in an age however where glamour and status is everything. Owning a car that is one up from a skoda is just not what one wants to be seen driving when out on the road mingling with the traffic. The same can be assumed for the designer pram club of which there are apparently numerous members. You only have to walk along the road in the leafy and affluent suburb of London’s Blackheath or head into the centre of neighbouring Greenwich to discover pram land heaven. Cool sharp exteriors adorn supermini sized prams with state of the art canopies in the form of chic little umbrellas and rain cover protectors that slide over the pram fitting as snugly as they would a shoe.

They are an array of hi tech fantasy, with buttons and gadgets that fold the pram up or down in an instant springing into action with the speed of a bullet. These prams are often micro mini superbly designed to transport one or two babies with a bump up step on the back for that wandering toddler. Shiny frames and sparkling wheels, the bling factor goes up another level when you add in all the accessories.

Choosing a pram or stroller that more or less walks itself is becoming more of a reality every time a new model comes onto the market. I envisage a point not too far from the present when parents can simply program their route, pop baby inside and walk lesuirely beside their offspring. Brakes will be powered by sensors so you’ll never have to worry about unintentionally crossing that dangerous road or setting off in the wrong direction. Negotiating awkward kerbs and jutting out roads will be a piece of cake.

The wheels will be the size of a four by four large enough to rival even the biggest Landrover, a smoother and safer ride for everyone including that sweet gurgling little baby inside.


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