cracked nipples and unwanted facial hair – Motherhood the first six months

I am fast approaching the half-way mark, six months since the arrival of my baby daughter and I have to say that in the universal guide to motherhood there appear to be a number of omissions, stuff like overgrown toenails, sandblasted nipples and rapid hair growth to name just a few. Aside from sleepless nights, dishevelled hair and a slightly unkempt appearance particularly during the weeks following the birth of my daughter, I must confess I was quite unprepared for the lack of time to deal with the alarming regrowth of some rather unsightly body hair.

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Whipping it out in public

‘Why don’t you wear a button down shirt or a maternity bra?’ my mother asks for the zillionth time as we board a bus and head for home following a mornings shopping in town. We have already partaken of the pre-planned coffee/tea break whereupon I discreetly settled Boo on my lap and fed her, now two hours later she is hungry ‘AGAIN’. I have no back-up bottle only mother nature to quench her thirst. We board the bus my mother with shopping trolley in one hand and baby bits in the other, me attempting to safely navigate a pram that is rebelliously moving sideways with a wriggling baby glued to my hip Continue reading