Douglas The Duck – The Duck who wanted to swim

I am not familiar with the television series (apparently there is one) in fact I have never watched it but my eyes literally lit up when I saw this book. I have fallen in love with Douglas and his friends. I think the general appearance of Douglas is what makes this character kooky and fun, throw in the funny clothing attire and it is stand out appealing for a broad age/readership.

My mum first showed me this book at 4months and I have been hooked ever since. I have not been swimming yet (being a winter baby it’s not been on the agenda, even dipping a toe in the water- too cold) but i,d sure like to give it go sometime especially after reading about Douglas and his attempts at learning to swim. I maybe don’t quite understand all the language but the pictures are bright, the characters comical and Douglas really is the coolest Duck I have ever seen