Mines a Ferrari whats yours? Pram/stroller upgrades

I think prams/strollers are rather like cars, income and status is often denoted by the frame/body work. Driving a Ferrari or Mercedes puts you in the big league people stop and admire the exterior irrespective of the passenger or driver. It is the same with prams and strollers. It is not so important who is riding inside even if the baby is super cute, all babies are cute aren’t they? ¬†what is important is the year, make and model.

My current pram is neither state of the art Hi tech nor end of the line wholesale, it is smart practical and gets my daughter from A to B. We live in an age however where glamour and status is everything. Owning a car that is one up from a skoda is just not what one wants to be seen driving when out on the road mingling with the traffic. The same can be assumed for the designer pram club of which there are apparently numerous members. Continue reading